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What is Sears Studio/Abba Dabba Theatre at Country Day School?

Director, owner, and producer of Abba Dabba Entertainment and Sears Studio Performing Arts Academy, Nancy Sears, teaches various theatre enrichment courses at Country Day School. Students are also offered a variety of after-school activities. These clubs are subsidized by Country Day tuition and are generally offered at a significantly lower rate for students.  Additionally, students are invited to join Sears Studio early evening courses to enrich their current CDS theatre courses.






Under the direction of Nancy Sears and Katrina Young Abba Dabba Entertainment will provide a safe, creative and fun family environment for children and adults. Students will explore opportunities to learn and practice Musical Theatre, Creative Dramatics, Acting, and Improvisation. These lessons will help cultivate local talent and articulate life skills taught through the experience of performing arts. Students achieve from experiences such as leadership, community, team building, confidence, loyalty, positivity, awareness, inclusiveness, public speaking, memorization, listening skills, tolerance, risk-taking, work ethic, and a strong understanding of appropriate and ethical arts.




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