Tuesday Nights 6:30 - 8:00 pm

Country Day School/Largo

 We are excited to announce that we are back and in person at a new location! This year we have ongoing sessions to continue building skills as new (meet-up) students drop-ins are be invited as observers until ready to play. The sessions are intensive workouts alongside skill-building and side coaching for regular students. Those who drop in from meet-up will be invited to play basic warm-up games and observe the rest of the session until they are ready to join in on our regular sessions.  Actors must commit to complete sessions in order to participate in the full class. Performances will be scheduled at the end of each session. Be sure to clear your schedule and sign up for the initial Boot Camp in order to be a regular team member.

*Boot Camp Opening For All Levels 

August 23, 30,  Sept 6, 13 20


($10.00 observer only fee)

*Prepare for ongoing class entrance and performance level team


Regular Sessions After Boot Camp

Fall Session October through December 13

Winter Session January through March

Spring Session April through June


$10.00 observers and opening gameplay Weekly

Registration Link:

Improv as a Creative Baseline and Portal to Self Discovery

The life of an artist is a sacred life. Everyone has the ability and the potential to tap into their best creative energy.  The storytellers are the explorers. We move, shape, and change our world by the stories we tell. Discover and explore the stories in you. Improvisation is an excellent baseline for all your creative potential and greater self-expression. Either join in and expand your ability to create or come to observe and absorb the sacred energy of storytelling at its most organic level!



Join us for five nights of intensive improv! Boot Camp will prepare you for the next level. No experience is necessary. Beginners will learn the basics while Masters polish, prepare, and excel to new levels. Learn the games, the expectations, and how to be successful in an environment of family fun creativity. "Family fun" requires a higher skill level! Learn the art of the game and how to survive and thrive in the organic environment of both comedy and dramatic improvisation.  Click the Registration Link above!

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