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 June - July Summer Hours

4:00-5:30 pm


6:30-8:00 pm

Country Day School/Largo

 11499 131st St. N, Largo Florida 33774 


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Improv as a Creative Baseline and Portal to Self Discovery

The life of an artist is a sacred life. Everyone has the ability and the potential to tap into their best creative energy.  The storytellers are the explorers. We move, shape, and change our world by the stories we tell. Discover and explore the stories in you. Improvisation is an excellent baseline for all your creative potential and greater self-expression. Either join in and expand your ability to create or come to observe and absorb the sacred energy of storytelling at its most organic level!

No experience is necessary. Beginners will learn the basics while Masters polish, prepare, and excel to new levels. Learn the games, the expectations, and how to be successful in an environment of family fun creativity. "Family fun" requires a higher skill level! Learn the art of the game and how to survive and thrive in the organic environment of both comedy and dramatic improvisation.  Click the Registration Link above!

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