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Thursdays 8:00-9:30 pm

Zoom from Anywhere!

$80.00 per month

Abba Studio Actors Online

Abba Studio is an online studio space for adult professional actors to work out! The online studio is your artistic gym and playground. Set your intentions and follow up with a supportive coach and team of performing artists with common goals. Let us help you keep a healthy attitude in a challenging but beautiful and exciting business. Stay true to the storyteller in you!


Scene Work, Auditions, and Artistic Encouraging Life Coaching

Actors contribute and help design the space based on weekly needs. Work with current auditions, professional scripts, or present material that prepares you for future opportunities. Students upload weekly material for constructive criticism and growth. Various workshops contain personalized critiques, encouragement, acting exercises, suggested readings, and group support. Sessions also provide a sprinkle of life coaching specific to the goals of living the life of a true artist. 

The Business of the Business Versus Your Safe Space To Explore and Grow

This is not a networking studio. The intention is to connect actors and allow you to lift each other up, make suggestions, share what the industry has taught you, and if you choose, feel free to network like crazy with each other, but do not expect to be connected to the business of agents, casting directors or audition opportunities. This is a safe space to let out your frustrations, celebrate your achievements, and laugh at your failures all without judgment or outcomes related to the pressure of presenting yourself to the business. What happens in the studio, stays in the studio! Come play and grow free of any consequences beyond your artistic freedom and joy!

Email for more info and Zoom Address

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